The best of Playhouses

Everyone knows it: children are full of energy, creativity and imagination. They also like to invent stories, experience new adventures and create characters. To satisfy them, there is nothing better than offering them a cabin.


The children’s cabin is one of the best places for your cherubs to have fun with their friends and enjoy outdoor activities. It is an exciting playground and exists in different materials (wood, plastic/PVC,…). It is easy to install, has an elegant design and is suitable for different age groups.

The cabin has established itself as one of the best games for children. It not only gives them a pleasant feeling of freedom, but also allows them to feel more comfortable and decorate it according to their desires. Hours of fun to come.

How to choose the right children’s cabin for your needs?

Whether alone or with friends, it is certain that your child will be able to have fun in his cabin. He will consider this accessory as his own home and will ensure that it is always well maintained. So remember to choose a model that suits his needs and desires. Here are some criteria to consider.

The age of the child

Choose a cabin according to your child’s age because it is important for his safety. Fortunately, manufacturers provide age recommendations on their products. Thus, it is not necessary to buy equipment adapted to children aged 2 years while yours has 6.

The materials

There are wooden and plastic cabins, each with specific characteristics. It all depends on your expectations and needs.

To help you, know that wooden models are ecological, durable, easy to maintain and renovate. Plastic cabins are more affordable and easier to assemble, but less aesthetic.

The shape

If your child prefers models with original shapes, it is not necessary to panic. Indeed, there are huts in the shape of a castle, barge,… Whatever the shape chosen, you can easily install it and will amaze your child. To satisfy him more, do not hesitate to add accessories such as furniture, a swimming pool, a garden…

The available space

If you do not have enough space in your garden, it is not necessary to buy a large cabin. If you have enough, don’t hesitate to choose this type of equipment.

Safety and security

No parent wants their child to have fun taking risks, especially outdoors. For this reason, give great importance to this criterion.

Children must play in their homes without injury or harm. Whichever model you choose, make sure that it complies with current safety standards. For example, it must include protective barriers, neat and non-pointed parts….