What to do when dismissed unfairly?

Unjustified Dismissal

An employer may submit a request for dismissal at the court. In case the route is selected by the Subdistrict Court, the Cantonal Court in most cases grant severance pay to the employee.

If the employer decides to dismiss due to reasonable reasons that are affecting the employee’s responsibilities, there will not be any severance pay. The UWV fact does not have the authority to grant a severance.

But some cases, the employee can request a severance payment to the Subdistrict Court, even though the UWV has issued a dismissal. These processes are incredibly complex and require a specialist solicitor such as Essex Legal Experts.

Despite the dismissal granted the dismissal may none the less be unjust; Lawyers speak of an ‘unjustified dismissal’.

Manifestly Unreasonable

It is not clear what exactly the criteria for considering termination is manifestly unreasonable.

The law mentions some examples such as:

  • when a termination occurs without giving reasons or specifying a sham or false reason;
  • if the principle of proportionality has not been applied correctly;
  • if cancellation takes place solely due to the fact that the employee relying on a serious conscientious refusal to perform the contracted work;
  • when the effects of the termination of the employee are too serious compared with the interest of the employer’s notice (the ‘test result).

Review of the dismissal by the court

The judicial review focuses on the effects of termination (due criterion). The law is clear that termination may be considered manifestly unreasonable by the employer if, also taking into account the facilities and the opportunities existing for him made for the employee to another suitable find work, the consequences of termination for him too seriously in comparison to the interest of the employer upon termination.

Thus, there is a place of interests. Which interests more likely in favour of employee failure as he ceases to be employed and he has a poor chance given his age and limited education and work experience in the labour market. The probability that a judge’s resignation as “manifestly unreasonable” designates is also greater if the employer hardly doing anything to alleviate the dismissal, for example through an offered severance or budget for outplacement. A reputable Chelmsford employment solicitors will greatly improve your likeliness of receiving compensation that you deserve.

But not in all cases where no redundancy is offered, there is a manifestly unreasonable dismissal. The employer may include financial standing as bad that it is not reasonable to expect severance pay. The employer may, in those cases invoke the so-called principles.

Incidentally, an appeal by the employer principle (often) not be honoured if the formal employer admittedly bad condition, but the employer is part of a more financially healthy company.


An employee who believes that his employer has terminated the employment contract manifestly unreasonable manner may claim compensation. This is an amount that the court finds taking into account all circumstances of the case. A claim for recovery of employment is possible. These claims have to be filed until the end of the employment within six months.

The damages awarded because of unjustified dismissal by the district courts in similar cases very different. This is because the magistrate has no guidelines for calculating the compensation. The so-called ‘sub-district court formula “is not applicable in this procedure!

In the absence of these guidelines, it is difficult to advise or manifestly unreasonable dismissal procedure will bear fruit. The outcome of judicial decisions concerning unjustified dismissal, dismissal procedures is difficult to predict.

But in general, is a manifestly unreasonable dismissal proceedings only make sense if the employee is long enough in the service (eg. At least 10 years) he / she has bad employment opportunities and employers nothing or hardly offer something to the effect of the catch dismissal.

7 Benefits of Foot Massage

We all know that a foot massage can provide from time to time a period to relax especially for many that have been stood all day or walked. It is important to treat yourself to a massage from a therapist such as Essex Body Care. Of course it feels fine, but does it really benefit your health?

In this article we look at a number of benefits that are actually supported by the science.

  1. It improves blood circulation

The muscles in our feet get little exercise and are often hindered by tight and uncomfortable shoes. A foot reflexology massage can significantly improve blood circulation.

  1. It helps to prevent foot and ankle injuries

Massaging the feet can reduce joint pain and help to accelerate the recovery process.

If the combined word with foot and ankle strengthening exercises can prevent even future injuries.

  1. It reduces the effects of depression

Research shows from a reputable Chelmsford company that regular foot massages can reduce the effects of depression.

In addition, it may also further reduce the experience of stress.

  1. It helps with headaches and migraines

A study conducted in Denmark showed that people who suffer from headaches and migraines here less problems after having foot reflexology treatments. The test group stopped taking their medication and found that 65% after 3 months was less affected by the symptoms. A small group was altogether from their migraines.

  1. The decrease in blood pressure

High blood pressure has become a common problem in men and women. It can be caused by various factors such as stress and an unhealthy diet. But in most cases it is difficult to determine the cause and get it attributed to other (unknown) factors in the environment or is it genetic. A study showed that 3 foot massage sessions per week resulted in an improved state of mind, less stress and lower blood pressure.

  1. It helps to reduce the symptoms of PMS and menopause

The most common complaints of women with PMS are: feelings of sadness and distress, irritability, anxiety, stress, insomnia, fatigue, headache and mood swings. Most of these problems can be significantly reduced with daily foot massages during this period. Also, the symptoms of menopause, which are almost the same, accompanied by hot flushes and depression can be effectively minimized with regular massages.

  1. Reduces the effects of edema in pregnant women

Edema, ie, swelling due to fluid retention in the feet and ankles is common in pregnant women, especially in the last trimester. This condition can be well controlled by daily massaging the feet, coupled with enough rest and proper nutrition.

Six Benefits of using Concrete Floors in your Home

Cleaned solid floors, since quite a while ago entrusted to completed cellars and business spaces, are making merited advances into private homes. Late advances in the capacity to seal and stain polished concrete have raised its tasteful interest, permitting it to rival other stone deck, for example, marble, rock and slate- – at a small amount of the cost. Cleaned solid ground surface offers a large number of advantages to home developers and renovators. The following are a few of the geniuses to building your new home with deck of cleaned cement or uncovering the solid floor of your current home.

Cleaned floors are feasible

Those most keen on building naturally practical homes have been among the first to grasp cleaned solid floors, and in light of current circumstances. Fixed cement has a to a great degree low ecological effect. In the event that your home, as most, is based upon a current solid chunk, just sanding and fixing the solid disposes of the requirement for extra ecologically expensive ground surface materials. Likewise, the mixes used to sand and complete a solid floor are to a great degree low in unstable natural mixes (VOCs), which contaminate the earth and reduction indoor air quality, which can have unfavorable wellbeing impacts. The mixes used to seal solid floors have no enduring smell.

Treated solid offers awesome esteem

Notwithstanding making cleaned concrete extraordinarily supportable, concrete has for some time been the minimum costly deck alternative accessible. The truth of the matter is: solid comes pre-introduced in many homes, in light of the fact that most houses are based on solid chunks. The later augmentations of timber, vinyl, covering or tile are just laid over it. Thus, solid comes next just to exposed earth as far as starting cost. Furthermore, cleaned cement’s intelligent surface can decrease the cost of inside lighting. It stays cool in the late spring, diminishing family unit cooling costs too.

Cleaned cement is anything but difficult to keep up

Most customary ground surface have thorough cleaning prerequisites. Covering must be vacuumed. Floorboards should be waxed. Marble floors can require unique cleaners and are inclined to scrapes, which require exceptional consideration.

By differentiation, a cleaned solid floor, which is profoundly impervious to scrapes and stains, can be just wiped when essential. This can wind up sparing you hours in labor and cleaning costs.

Concrete for floors is to a great degree sturdy

Treated solid floors are a portion of the world’s generally sturdy. As indicated by houzz.com, a legitimately treated solid floor can be required to keep going for over 100 years. This has been for quite some time known by business interests, who frequently use this deck choice in showrooms, retail stores and other high movement regions. Concrete permits the floor to “inhale,” all things considered, it is not powerless to dampness and decay issues in the way of tile or vinyl floors, which can trap dampness amongst themselves and the chunk beneath, bringing about expensive substitutions.

Fixed solid offers medical advantages

Since the 1960’s family tidy and tidy parasites have been known to compound (if not bring about) sensitivities, and are especially tricky for those with existing respiratory issues. Covering, with its long strands, and also tile and floorboards, with their grout lines and depressions, are known to harbor microbes, germs and mold. Cleaned cement is consistent, leaving no place for tidy bugs to accumulate and uncover the microscopic organisms that can be caught amongst tiles and floorboards. Cleaned solid ground surface can be the initial move toward making a sensitivity free environment.

Cement is exceptionally adaptable

Mortgage holders have a large group of choices where medicines and stains are concerned. For property holders who wish to shun the “wet” look frequently connected with cleaned concrete, there are silicon-based infiltrating sealers. For mortgage holders who were thinking about rescued wooden boards, cement can be stamped to copy them. It can be made to take after slate tiles.

Cement can be recolored to accomplish a marble-like impact or to almost any shading possible. It can be ground before treatment to the coveted level of total introduction. Total is the materials blended with bond to make solid, when uncovered, they make a finished look. To put it plainly, a cleaned solid floor can be made to look genuinely one of a kind.

Solid comes pre-introduced in for all intents and purposes each home. Appropriately fixed and cleaned, it is a standout amongst the most naturally maintainable ground surface alternatives accessible – and a standout amongst the most adaptable. Furthermore, it is a standout amongst the most strong and maybe the minimum costly materials. To put it plainly, fixed solid ground surface offers a large group of preferences over different floors. It is no big surprise that the benefits of solid ground surface are by and large progressively perceived by astute home developers and renovators.

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